We offer tailor-made services to grow your business. Software-as-a-Service capex-light packages allow companies to easily solve complex problems with an absolute advantage in terms of time and costs.


Growth and margin

A SaaS solution represents the optimal compromise between growth and margin, based on the stage of a company in its life cycle, the macroeconomic environment, the availability of capital, market dynamics, competition and the chosen strategy to grow and scale.

We offer to our customer two SaaS packages that interpret some of our capabilities of excellence: the categorization of the expense and the systemic management of batches.


OptiMIPS is the software solution created by Add Value to provide immediate and simple answers on the performance of applications and offer useful and precise information on the consumption of MIPS, CPU and response time of each application.

Total Spending Visibility

TSV is a web platform aimed at Global Procurement, to dynamically analyze spending at different levels of granularity: from the overview to the single detail, based on your consumption model.


Fast, personalized and intuitive, BatchUp! is the orchestration platform that allows you to define and govern batch executions and simplify reporting.

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