Departmental framework today represents the most widely used set of technologies in the company. They allow us to create a variety of innovative solutions ranging over sectors and types of solutions, always ensuring high quality standards.

A variety of innovative solutions

We program web applications and batch processes in Java - using Spring - and in .Net, based on customer needs, with the added value of the knowledge of host and cloud environments, which allows re-engineering, re-hosting and optimization of any application with ease and competence, in order to improve performances and reduce consumption.

We like to write quality code, following the architectural and good programming patterns, using the most modern testing methods and tools to minimize the presence of errors. Application maintenance and turnkey projects find, in the departmental environment, ideal languages, frameworks and methodologies for a valuable development.


The freedom to write applications more easily in every field and for all operating systems through many available libraries and frameworks


In the near future, the departmental scope will be fundamental for the more efficient development of IT solutions. In addition to the continuous evolution of languages such as Java and Angular, it is also useful to take advantage of the advantages deriving from the combined use of technologies, code and frameworks already developed in order to make design times more efficient by simplifying development. This also makes applications more stable, safer and more performing.


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