We have created TSV, a software product that, by integrating types of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence, categorizes and automatically displays the expense.

The Next generation of spend analysis

TSV is a web platform aimed at Global Procurement, to dynamically analyze expenditure passing through different levels of depth: from the overview to the single detail. The use of Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to classify expenditure into the main categories according to the personalized criteria or by adopting a standard: errors, linguistic differences, incomplete imputations are normalized automatically. Vertical Business Intelligence and specific-field allow to have in immediate vision of priority saving actions from a strategic point of view.

The vision of the analyzed expense is total: TSV recognizes the same refererence regardless the complexity and classifies it uniquely thanks to the added vaue of the Artificial Intelligence of the Semantic Engine Service. Depending on the needs, it is possible to easily access pre-configurated views, designed by the collecting indusrtry needs and standards over the years (UNSPSC, for example), or configure ad hoc views to analyze data with a high level of customization.

95% of accuracy

With TSV you can categorize indirect spending and manage it better, thanks to Machine Learning. Request a demo with a consultant to discover all the potential of TSV. In the meantime, you can download the paper.


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