The virtuos management of mainframes is a critical factor for the success of the bank, and of all those large companies that manage large amounts of data. Knowing the trend of MIPS consumption at all times, the areas that absorb the most and the implications deriving from various technical and commercial choices, provide an extraordinary tool that allows immediate interventions and making informed decisions: for this reason OptiMIPS was born.

Optimize the mainframe consumption

OptiMIPS allows to know, everyday, the consumption trendn of the MIPS, the CPU, the response time of each chain, application, down to the single job. It performs accurate and fast analyses: with a simple click it allows the instantaneous identification of anomalies, the calculation of MIPS consumption for each single job and for subsequent aggregations, the in-depth analysiss of the relationship between consumption, variables and application changes. 

Everything to answer, in a simple and immediate way, questions such as:

  • Which applications consume the most?
  • Which applications have the longest response time? Why?
  • Which jobs misbehaved?
  • How application changes impact consumption and processing time?

-1800 Mips/day


WIth OptiMIPS you keep the mainframe under control: optimize times and consumption, improve application performance, increase the sustainability of your IT.   Request a demo with a consultant to learn all the potential of OptiMIPS.


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