A frontier technology, to be explored.

Blockchain technology today lends itself to be used successfully in many IT projects. Thanks to the by-design peculiarities that it possesses, it can give projects a high added value at a technological and business level.


Frontier technology

We strongly believe in this paradigm, so much so that we studied the blockchain, obtained certifications and experimented it on real cases with the aim of identifying those use cases in which it brings a well identified and concrete value. We continue to study, we are technology neutral, we believe that co-design is an added value.

We have the skills to analyze and understand if and how blockchain is the right technology to achieve goals. We consider the most useful blockchain computer architecture to the project and propose our solution. All this takes place in three specific areas.

Notarization of incentives

The notarization of incentives allows you to manage in an automated and certain way transactions of money due to discounts, promotions, achievement of commercial objectives from the headquarters to the periphery and other organizations, for example suppliers and partners.

Notarization of access

We use the immutability and transparency properties of DLT technologies for the secure tracking of critical information, increasing the degree of reliability and resilience in the cycle of sensitive data and information management.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Digital identity is back in the hands of those who own it, who can decide to reveal only parts of the information or all; sometimes or always. It’s the highest level of personal identity management on the net. Portability, persistence, control, security are some of the basic features of this frontier technology.


Working with blockchain technology, we have developed a set of specific IT solutions that enable your team to create, manage, and monitor their NFTs according to your needs.

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